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  1. You you

    "Self assassination is selfish." Says someone who will never know...

    Monday, 14-Feb-11 19:02:43 PST from web
  2. You you

    "The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had"

    Monday, 31-Jan-11 23:20:26 PST from web at 34°15'16"N 118°48'22"W
  3. You you

    What do you do when the world starts caving in?

    Thursday, 27-Jan-11 22:36:57 PST from web at 34°16'36"N 118°48'10"W
  4. You you

    Who would have thought?

    Thursday, 27-Jan-11 12:47:26 PST from web
  5. You you

    1% of people won't repost these stupid chain statuses because they are, well, stupid. There is no hope for the future of the world.

    Thursday, 27-Jan-11 10:03:01 PST from web
  6. You you

    Its always about you isn't it?

    Wednesday, 26-Jan-11 23:13:26 PST from web at 34°16'36"N 118°48'10"W
  7. You you

    Every creature on this earth dies alone

    Wednesday, 26-Jan-11 01:16:55 PST from web at 34°16'36"N 118°48'10"W

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